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The Skeletal System of Human | function | diagram

The Skeletal System of Human | function | diagram
The Skeletal System of Human | function | diagram

Skeletal System – It Is A Structure Made Of 206 Bones, Small And Big. Which Gives Shape To The Body, Movement And Protection To Its Organs.

Skeletal System Skeletal System Is Divided Into 2 Parts – Exoskeleton And Inner Skeleton.

Endoskeletal System Of Skeletal System


The Bone Part Of The Head Is Called Skull Skull Or Cranium.

The Brain Is Located In This Part.

The Senses Of Taste, Smell, Sight And Hearing Are Also Located In This Part.

There Are A Total Of 29 Bones In The Skull Skull.

Bones Are Divided Into 5 Parts.

(1) Skull , (2) Thorax , (3) Shoulder Girdle Or Pectoral Girdle, (4) Pelvic Girdle, (5) Vertebral Column There Are 300 Bones In Children.

Whereas From The Point Of View Of Science, The Number Of Bones In Children Is 213.


In This Part There Are Sternum , 12 Pairs Of Ribs , Thoracic Vertebrae ( Thorasic Vertebrae ) Bones.

The Vital Organs Of The Body, Such As Heart, Lungs, Liver, Respiratory Tract, Large Blood Vessels, Etc., Are Preserved In This Part.

Shoulder Or Pectoral Girdle

The Withers Are The Bones Of The Hand. From The Point Of View Of Bone Structure, Hand Is Divided Into 3 Parts-

(I) Humerus  This Is The Upper Part Of The Hand. It Has Only 1 Bone.

(Ii) Radio-Ulna – This Is The Middle Part Of The Hand. It Consists Of 2 Bones – Radio And Ulna.

(Iii) Tarsal ( Tarsal – Thumb). That’s The Front Of The Hand. It Has A Total Of 5 Bones. Each Of Its Bones Is Divided Into 3 Parts, Which Are Called ‘Metatarsal’. Between The Thumb And The Radio-Ulna, There Is A Sub-Part Of The Hand, Which Is Called The Wrist . There Are 5 Bones In The ‘Wrist’ (Wrist).

The Part Of The Scapula Is Formed From Bones Called Scapula And Clavicle.

In Which The Scapula Shoulder Or Pectoral Girdle Is The Main Bone Of The Plexus.

Pelvis Girdle

In This, The Bones (Bones) From The Back Of The Body To The Feet Are Included.

In This Part, The ‘ Femur ‘ ( The Longest Bone Of The Body, Located In The Upper Part Of The Foot, That Is, The Bone From The Waist To The Knee Is Called ‘Femur’), ​​Tibia-Fibula (Tibia- Fibula From The Knee To The Ankle (AD)). Hadfi, Tarsal And Metatarsal Bones Are Found.

Vertebral Column

It Is Also Called The Spinal Cord. There Are 33 Bones In Children And 26 Bones In Adults.

Their Distribution Is As Follows – 7 In The Neck, 12 In The Thorax, 5 In The Sacrum, 5 In The Sacral And 4 In The Anutrika.

The Vertebrae Of The Sacral And Non-Sacral Parts Of An Adult Person Fuse Together To Form Two Vertebrae.

Thus The Total Number Of Bones In The Vertebral Column Becomes 26.

One Vertebrae Are Connected With Other Vertebrae In Such A Way That A Tube-Like Structure Is Formed Inside Them, Which Is Called ‘ Spinal Cord ‘ .

The Circulation Of Information/Messages In The Body Takes Place Through This.

The Total Number Of Bones In An Adult Human Is 206 (300 In Children).

There Are 29 Bones In The Skull, 33 In The Vertebral Column, 60 In The Hand And 60 In The Foot.

The Longest Bone Is The Femur And The Shortest Bone Is The Stapes  Ear Bone.

The Reason For The Hardness Of Bones Is Calcium And Magnesium Phosphate Salts.

The Hardest Part In The Human Body Is The Enamel Bone (93% Calcium And Magnesium Phosphate) At The Top Of The Tooth. Hair And Nails Come Under The Outer Skeleton.

They Are Made Up Of A Protein Called ‘Keratin’.

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